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Having a healthy heart is inportant for us all!
Smoking, Being over weight, poor diet, hypertension and other stress foctors.
Are known for taking a tool on our health.
Smoking increases your risk of heart diease by two to four times.
Being 20 lbs or more overweight strains your heart, can increases
your blood pressure, raise your bad cholesterol (LDL) and lower
your good cholesterol (HDL) increasing your risk for diabetes.
          Know your (BMI) Body Mass Index.                               Normal Blood Pressure
     1. Multiply your weight in pounds by 73                   Normal: less than 120systolic/80 diastolic
     2. Divide this number by your height in inches        Pre-hypertension: 120-139 systolic or
     3. Then divide this number again by the same                                           80-89 diastolic
         number  (height in inches)                                        Hypertension (high blood pressure)
                                                                                          140 or higher systolic 0 90 or higher diastolic
        Underweight:  less than  18.5  BMI                          Hypertensive Crisis: higher than
        Healthy weight: less than 25                                     180 systolic or 110 diastolic
        Overweight:  between 25 and 29.9                           Adopting a healthy lifestyle and if
        Obese: 30 or higher                                                    needed medications can keep your 
                                                                                              blood pressure  under controll.
                                                                Diabetes  and Heart Disease
You may have symptoms that go unnoticed for years. You can be tested for diabetes and
pre-diabetes in your doctor's office. A history of gestation disbetes (diabetes during pregnancy or delivery a baby over nine pounds is a risk factor for women.
Type 2 Rick Factors                                                             Type 1 Risk Factor
High blood pressure                                                            Family History
High cholesterol                                                                   Genetics/Race
A family history of diabetes and ones race.                    Envioronmental Factors
 (Check with your doctor for more complete details and testing)


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